The Folsom Shooting Club Board of Directors will likely be voting on eliminating solo use of range 2 by any SVSC member at tomorrow night’s BoD meeting!

The current policy includes the provision for clubs to submit to FSC/SVSC a list of Safety Officers approved by the SDPS board to be able to reserve and use range 2 bays solo. If you are on the list of approved SO’s or care at all about the future privilege of our approved club members being able to reserve and use action pistol bays solo, I respectfully ask that you please come to the FSC BoD meeting tomorrow night to voice your opinion, Wednesday evening, December 18th at 6:30 pm. The Location is below:

Round Table Pizza
9500 Greenback Ln, Folsom, CA 95630

When approved SDPS members are currently exercising these privileges, they are shooting under the SDPS insurance, not the FSC/SVSC insurance. FSC/SVSC is challenging the validity of the insurance carried by SDPS and other clubs, as to whether or not these policies cover solo use of the range. As NO insurance company is going to bullet-point all of the covered activities included in a policy coverage, the FSC BoD apprently is taking the unreasonable position of eliminating solo use of any range at the SVSC (except the public range.)

Both NCPS and SDPS received written communications from our respective insurance providers stipulating that solo-use of any range facility was considered a “covered activity“.  While we will be bringing as much paper backup as we can, it’s unlikely that what we have will meet what I believe to be unreasonable and unrealistic demands of the FSC board. In my opinion, the decision has already been made by the majority of the board, and the only way to possibly counter this is to show up in force. The FSC board is doing what I believe they feel is the right thing for the club, but it’s unreasonable given that the limited number of individuals who are approved to exercise this privilege are obviously covered under the appropriate insurance provided by their respective clubs.

I hope to see MANY SDPS members tomorrow night, especially if you are one of those about to lose this privilege, likely forever.

Best regards,

Sean Young
President | Sacramento Defensive Pistol Shooters

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