About SDPS

Sacramento Defensive Pistol Shooters (SDPS) is a shooting club affiliated with the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA). We operate out of the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center in Sloughhouse, CA. SDPS is a non-profit corporation, under the provisions of Internal Revenue Code, Section 503(c)

We are one of the largest and long-standing clubs in IDPA, with a rich club history, holding our first IDPA match in March of 1999. That first match drew about 40 shooters. Since then, things have changed. Our matches and membership have grown. We are a club and a sport made up of volunteers who help plan, design, setup, and run our matches. The club also had a dedicated team of Directors and Officers that govern club business.  

SDPS has become known for our Tier 1 monthly club matches where we will typically draw 80 to 120 shooters. SDPS also regularly hosts top-rated Tier 3 and Tier 4 major championship matches throughout the year as well. 

At SDPS we still aspire to be “user-friendly”, doing our part to guide competitors coming into the sport. SDPS has a proven process to usher new shooters into IDPA. Our club welcomes IDPA shooters from throughout the area and abroad to join us at our monthly club matches and championship matches. SDPS offers individual and family memberships for a nominal fee that provide for discounted match fees, and an opportunity to participate in monthly  prize table drawings, as well as other member appreciation events

Shooting Your First Match

Shooting your first IDPA match can be fun... and perhaps a little intimidating. First, stop and know that were here to help. There's a proven process to getting started with IDPA tthat we've been following for years...

Directors and Officers

Board of Directors

Ryan Harrigan


Dave Hong


Sean Young

Past-President Pro Tempore

Kevin Ballment

Vice President

Carlene Ellis


Club Officers

Jon Blasengame


Marty Johnson

Stage Compliance Officer

Fred Mowrey

Registrar & Classification

Jong Choi


David Rice

Equipment Officer

Nick Harrigan

Scoring Officer

Club History

SDPS has a long history, with the initial concept for the club going as far back as the origins of IDPA itself. Back in 1996, founding President Ed Vernon and former law-enforcement officer Leon Williamson had started an informal club at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center, creating and shooting matches that were intended to be realistic and practical. The initial urge to “over-penalize” shooters in competition gave way to a more practical balance of speed and accuracy that was sure to keep the matches fun yet challenging. 

At the very same time, another group of practical shooters had become fixated on creating a shooting sport that was based on real-world scenarios and practical shooting skills. IDPA was founded in 1996. At some point along the way, Vernon was introduced to IDPA. He submitted an application and the rest was history. Three years later, SDPS was holding the clubs very first IDPA match. There have been countless members who’ve helped forged the club into what it’s become. The club has only had 5 club Presidents since inception, including founding President Ed Vernon, and President(s) Wayne Johnson, Duane Chinnow, and current President Sean Young. 

A great way to look back at SDPS history is to read The History of the Sacramento Defensive Pistol Shooters, as told by founding President Ed Vernon (A00041). This is an article featured in the 2011 second quarter edition of The Tactical Journal, The Official Publication of IDPA.

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