About SDPS

BarrelIn 1999 the first SDPS IDPA match was held drawing over 40 people to the match. There was extensive improvising the first couple of years as the founders and members were learning the rules. An Excel spreadsheet was invented to score the matches, which has since given way to more sophisticated computer software. Every early match was a learning experience. The founders were very committed to the concept that SDPS was to be “user friendly.” The clubs position was safety, safety, safety, have lots of fun, and did we mention, safety? These are values we still adhere to today.

mikeOur matches and membership have grown and we still inspire to be “user friendly.” Through our Introduction to IDPA clinic we help shooters new to our sport learn the rules of the game. Several times a year we host Defensive Multi Gun matches and offer training classes such as IDPA 101, IDPA 202 and Safety Officer Certification. We also host larger sanctioned matches such as the Gold Country Regional and The Western Regional which draws shooter from across the country.

Check our calendar for upcoming matches, training sessions and other events!