Monthly Club Matches

Sacramento Defensive Pistol Shooters (SDPS) hosts a monthly Tier 1 IDPA match on the first-Sunday of each month, except when there is one of our previously scheduled Major Matches or Classifier Matches happening. Shooters can see upcoming matches and register online using Practiscore once they have created a free account. 

SDPS IDPA matches range in size from 80 shooters to up to 120 shooters in years past. Our typical monthly club matches typically consist of 8 stages with a round count equalling approximately 120 +/- rounds. Our matches are open to SDPS members and non-members who also meet the new shooter requirements. New shooters do not have to be IDPA members for their first 3 matches. 

SDPS Club matches often consist of early setup on the Saturdays before the match, at the discretion of the Match Director for that month. Otherwise setup begins at 7:00AM on Range 2 of the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center. Shooters are encouraged to come early and assist in the setup of stages, and are required to stay for the teardown of stages once shooting is completed.  


Want to get started in the exciting sport of IDPA, but maybe don't know where to start? We're here to help. There's a proven process to getting started with IDPA that we've been following for years. We've even made it easier to get started with recent updates to our club policies.

SDPS club matches are governed under the current rulebook and Match Administration Guide published by IDPA. Our club matches conform to the definition of a Tier 1 match in the current Match Administration Guide:

    1. Stages are approved by the Match Director.
    2. Equipment checks are recommended.
    3. Competitors must be IDPA members after their 3rd match.
    4. Competitors having a current classification in the division in which they are competing is recommended.
    5. Recognizing all regular divisions including BUG is required.
    6. All classes must be recognized.
    7. Any special range safety rules should be posted at registration. (i.e. no high muzzles during reloads, etc.)
    8. Open squads (shotgun starts) are permitted.