March 2024 SDPS IDPA Match

Well, the rain gods favored us both for setup Saturday and for the match on Sunday.  Thank you to Kevin Ballment, our match director, and his faithful minions for setup on Saturday. Our fearless club president, El Presidente Harrigan, announced that there are/were 30 open spots for the Western match in May so get on the dime and signup if you haven’t yet. Also, please note that for April’s match and going forward, the first week of match sign up will be for SOs only so they can distribute themselves amongst the squads and ensure that we have juried matches for each squad. Ryan also announced that we will have a 3-gun match soon. Look for the signup. We had 95 shooters show up in what had appeared to be a foreboding day weatherwise. Again, many thanks to Kevin for the stage designs.

Match Results

Our overall match winner was the young phenom, Rhys Mowrey, shooting PCC.

  • Bug
    • David Hong was the runaway winner shooting SS
  • CCP
    • Phil Zidek placed first shooting SS
    • Fred Mowrey placed next as EX
    • S Powers led as MM
  • CDP
    • Tony Torres placed first shooting MA
    • Steve Dobek was top EX
    • Nick Harrigan was first as SS
    • B Waits (may be related to Tom Waits :>) ) did outstanding as MM
  • CO
    • T Lee was top EX
    • B Phares top MA
    • J VU top S
    • C Nunn top MM
  • ESP
    • Art Benoit top MA
    • Ryan Harrigan top EX
    • David Rice top SS
    • D Cheng top MM
  • PCC
    • Rhys Mowrey top SS
    • S Fonesca top EX
  • Rev
    • Tom Slabaugh ran away with it as SS
  • SSP
    • Marty Johnson top MA
    • Eric Lintz top SS
    • Jay Tamagni top MM

So, in this match we had 7 lady shooters; 26 seniors and 20 distinguished seniors. So that means we had 42 youngsters shooting.

Robert Basistyy is another one of our new shooters. He has been shooting his SSP style pistol for only one year and had a very respectable first match. He is enthusiastic about shooting the three-gun match. Robert is a tow truck driver in Oroville. He is looking forward to getting his CCW soon. Please welcome Robert to the club.

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  • Tony Torres
    Posted March 29, 2024 5:47 pm 0Likes

    Thank you for the newsletters! Great way to keep members updated on current events. I like the new member profiles.

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