SDPS September 2023 Newsletter

SDPS September 2023 IDPA Match


The merciless string of hot weekend match events finally ended this month. We got mild weather with a hint of precipitation. Steve Reeder was our peerless match director. He and his crew put together a set of very fast shooting, but interesting, stages that left everyone happy and leaving at a decent time to enjoy the Labor Day weekend barbeque.


The overall shooter at this month’s match was S Fonesca shooting PCC as EX.


  • Fred Mowrey placed first shooting as EX
  • R Mathews was high SS
  • J Ambrose was high MM


  • Kevin Ballment placed first shooting as MA
  • T Lee first among EX
  • Richard Slabaugh was high SS
  • C Schager was high MM


  • B Sare placed first shooting as SS
  • J Tamaghi was high MM


  • S Fonsesca placed first shooting as EX
  • Rhys Mowrey was high SS


  • Clement Tang placed first shooting as SS
  • David Hong was high MM


  • Marty Johnson placed first shooting as MA
  • N Pearson was high EX
  • Nick Harrigan was high SS
  • M Reeder was high MM

We were lucky to have six ladies shooting with us this weekend, S Lim, B Sare, C Schager, Carlene Ellis, S Chen and C Ayala.

There were 19 Distinguished Seniors shooting Sunday and 20 Seniors. There was a total of 65 participants.

Because the newsletter person was remis in conducting a member interview for this month’s edition, he will attempt, instead, to give a personal recount with an inspirational message,

When, I was a neophyte to shooting and to IDPA I attended my first SDPS match a long time ago. Like many newbies, I was somewhat reticent and hesitant during the match.  Not too far into the stages, I made a rookie mistake which earned me the infamous DQ.  Of course, I was embarrassed and discouraged. Nevertheless, I hung around for the rest of the match and did the tappers and brassers routine.

When we were all done, Brad Wunder came up to me and invited me to join some of the others in their weekly practice sessions. I gladly accepted and subsequently stuck with the sport.

We must all encourage our new participants in the sport and keep them involved. The work David Hong, David Rice and Carlene Ellis do in their quarterly IDPA training session is invaluable to the sport and our club membership. We must also do everything we can to keep new participants involved and active in the sport.

Thus endeth the sermon.

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