SDPS Match November 5th, 2023

Holiday season is just around the corner and all the shooters who showed up Sunday were in a festive mood. Marty Johnson, the match director, with the assistance of Phil Zidek and many others put up a very good set of stage designs that offered something for everybody. Ryan Harrigan announced December’s match will be member appreciation day and we will have a barbeque after the match featuring Marty Johnson and Neil Tamagni’s cuisine. We will also have our annual members’ meeting. It should be noted that we had thirteen SDPS members participate in the IDPA nationals with many winners and members advancing a rank.

David Gebauer wanted me to announce an annual turkey shoot at the True Sportsman Club 8250 Truesportsman Drive Ione.

On Saturday November 18th, 2023, the True Sportman Club will hold annual turkey shoot. This shoot is open to the public. It will start at 10am and run to approximately 3pm. Rifle targets will be set at 45 yards and handgun targets at 15 yds. All shooting will be offhand, i.e., standing. There will be clay targets and winners of each flight will receive a gift certificate from Swingle Meats. There will be five shooters per flight shooting five shots each. Shooters pay $6 per flight. The categories are:

  • Any rifle, iron sights
  • Any rifle, optics
  • Any handgun, iron sights
  • Any handgun, optics

Water and soda will be provided but no food will be provided so bring lunches or snacks. All firearms must remain unloaded and cased until brought to the firing line. Eye and ear protection is required.

The overall winner was Kevin Ballment shooting PCC

  • BUG
    • R Monroe placed first shooting as NV
  • CCP
    • Fred Mowrey placed first shooting as EX
    • Phil Zidek placed first as SS
  • CO
    • Shaun Gardner placed first shooting as MA
    • Dennis Carvo placed first shooting as EX
    • N Pearson placed first shooting as SS
  • ESP
    • Art Benoit placed first shooting as MA
    • D Shelly placed first shooting as EX
    • Dave Rice placed first shooting as SS
    • J Ambrose placed first shooting as MM
  • PCC
    • Kevin Ballment placed first shooting as EX
    • Rhys Mowrey placed first shooting as SS
  • REV
    • Tom Slabaugh placed first shooting as SS
  • SSP
    • Marty Johnson placed first shooting as MA’
    • B Jeschke placed first shooting as SS
    • C Shuping placed first shooting as MM

We had a total of 87 shooters. Among these were six ladies, 25 seniors and 21 distinguished seniors.

Roland and Joel Cornelius are brothers originally from the bay area who are new to SDPS and IDPA. They had both begun shooting under the guidance of their uncle 15 years ago at an indoor range in San Lorenzo. After learning on 22 rifles, he introduced them to his service M16, Joel experienced his first “scope” eye. Both brothers work in health care. Roland is married with children. I will say that both shot their optic handguns very well and should advance in the ranks soon.

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