SDPS November 2022 Newsletter

It was a slightly overcast and autumn chilly morning as 93 intrepid shooters gathered to hear our intrepid leader, Ryan Harrigan, kick the match off. Many thanks to Marty Johnson, as the match director, and his crew for setting up a fun filled shoot. Be advised that next month’s match is our member appreciation day and there will be a lunch provided afterwards for all. Also, there will an election for our board members so get your nominations in for the board.

Match Results

The overall leader this month was T McClintock shooting PCC


Jen Saso won the division and was one of our Lady shooters.


Fred Mowry 1st Expert and Division Champion
David Hong 1st Sharpshooter
Ruel Cordero 1st Unclassified


David Rice 1st Expert
Roger Boswell 1st Sharpshooter
Bonnie Sare 1st Marksman, Division Champion and was High Lady


Scott Fonesca 1st Master
Justin Treon 1st Expert
Harry Ansorge 1st Sharpshooter
Bryce Schantz 1st Marksman


Tony Torres 1st Expert
Ryan Harrigan 1st Sharpshooter
Clement Tang 1st Marksman


T McClintock 1st Sharpshooter and Division Champion


Richard Slabaugh beat out his brother shooting as Sharpshooter


Art Benoit 1st Expert and Division Champion
Jong Choi 1st Sharpshooter
Sean Williamson 1st Marksman

Dan Heil has been an SDPS member since 2013. He has recently reengaged in IDPA after a hiatus and is now shooting a Glock carry optic. Dan’s first pistol was a 22 caliber that he got when he was 18. His next pistol was a 38 special and then he went “dirty Harry” and got a 44 magnum. With a relative who was an FFL in LA, Dan also acquired several specialty pistols and a couple of Creedmoor rifles. Dan is married with two sons. He retired several years ago after working at several Chuck Swift dealerships over the years. Of course, he drives a Chrysler truck. It was a pleasure working with Dan this Saturday as he was one of many setting up Sunday’s stages. We all hope to see him at matches soon.

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