SDPS IDPA Classifier January 2024

Best wishes to everyone for a prosperous and happy new year. May all your matches be memorable and your rank rise in the sport.

Since this was a classifier and a warmup stage was the only addition, I will not report results as I would in a regular match.

Many thanks to Fred Mowrey and those who helped him set up the stages for the classifier. Bay One was set up to meet the IDPA standard for PCC as well as a setup for all the other categories. As a consequence, this bay was still shooting when all others were finished. Many thanks to those who remained from the other squads who helped with the teardown.

James Brandeberry shot his first match with us this classifier after qualifying in the 5 by 5 at out membership match. He has not been an active shooter for a while but has owned firearms for many years. He got his CCW about six months ago and decided to get more experience with his Sig SP2020 carry weapon. James is a construction worker for a fire suppression installation company. He often works on construction sites alone in less than savory areas in the bay area, so the CCW makes sense. James is married with 3 children. He did well in the classifier and is a welcome addition to our club.

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