February 2023 SDPS Match

David Rice, as our intrepid match director, designed a very challenging course of fire that kept us on our toes. Many thanks to all those who helped set up the stage and to David for putting all the thought and planning to make this happen. Next month’s match director is Kevin Ballment and April is Ryan Harrigan. Fred Mowrey announced the May Western Regional which he promised will be 17 stages with lots of shooting. Sign up now as the match will fill up quickly.

Shaun Gardner was the overall winner shooting CO as EX

Tony Torres won the division shooting EX
Nick Harrigan placed first shooting SS
Nicklas Lane placed first shooting MM
Bailey Horan and Javier Amaya did very well shooting NV and UN respectively

Fred Mowrey won the division shooting MA
Stephen Dobek placed first shooting SS

Ryan Harrigan won the division shooting SS
Clement Tang placed first shooting MM
Arthur Benoit won the division shooting EX
Nick Pearson placed first shooting SS
Phil Zidek placed first shooting MM

Shaun Gardner won the division shooting EX
Kevin Ballment placed first shooting MA
Rafael Guzman placed first shooting SS
Bryan Phares placed first shooting MM

Troy McClintock won the division shooting MM

Distinguished Seniors
Don McElhinney led the pack shooting CO as an EX

Randy Owen has been shooting SDPS for five years. He now shoots an HK semi auto as a MM in SSP, Randy recently retired after 28 years with the US Postal Service as a maintenance worker doing carpentry all over California for the USPS. Randy enjoys retirement with his wife, 2 children, 10 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren (whew!). Randy is good friends with Jim Norris, another SDPS shooter. They have been motorcycle enthusiasts for many years with Randy riding Harleys, of course.  Randy is another one of our military veterans who served 20+ years in the US Army including a three-year stint in Germany. He still remembers enough German that he could try it out on us during setup last Saturday.

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