SDPS December 2023 Match
And Membership Appreciation

What a beautiful day for gathering with friends and burning powder. Many thanks to Nick Harrigan for being the match director and giving us quick and exciting stages. Although we did not end at noon as advertised, we did finish, clean up the stages and get the vittles by 1PM. Marty Johnson and Neil Tamagni sacrificed their match time and spent many hours preparing scrumptious, tri tip, beans, salad, bread and cookies. Many thanks, belch!
Ryan Harrigan, our club president, announced that the club board was able to fund $8000 for the membership lunch and prizes. We have now over240 members (usually 90 show for matches) and we are growing. I believe that makes us the biggest in the state for IDPA. The prizes included generous gift certificates for Turners Outdoorsman, Redline Ballistics, Precision Holsters and more. The tri tip meat was sold to us below cost by King’s Meats in Diamond Springs. Fred Mowrey announced our annual classifier for January. Please note that PCCs will shoot on bay one (bay two, if more than 13) and everyone else will shoot on bays 2 through 8.

As always, many thanks to those who helped set the stages on Saturday. Just a reminder that RMR and Colorado state events registration is on 12/10/23.

Rhys Mowrey led the pack shooting PCC as SS.

  • BUG
    • N Traub placed first shooting as NV
    • J Saso was second shooting as UN and was one of our Lady shooters
  • CDP
    • David Rice was our top shooter as EX
    • Nick Harrigan placed first as SS
    • W Topacio was our top MM
  • CCP
    • Fred Mowrey placed first shooting as EX
    • R Monroe shooting as UN and Phil Zidek shooting as SS were neck and neck in second place
    • D Hiatt shot first as MM
  • CO
    • T Lee placed first shooting as EX
    • J Treon placed second shooting as MA
    • T Taylor topped the list shooting as SS
    • T Peterson was first amongst the MM
  • ESP
    • Art Benoit place first as MA
    • Ryan Harrigan was first among the EX
    • J Ambrose was first as MM
    • T Arjona shot a great match as UN
  • PCC
    • Rhys Mowrey placed first in division shooting as SS
    • S Fonseca was close second shooting as MA
    • T McClintock as a close third as SS
  • REV
    • Tom Slabaugh had a great time shooting as SS
  • SSP
    • Joe Truesdale ran away with it shooting as MA
    • M Sawicki was second shooting as EX
    • E Lintz was first among SS
    • R Ammons was first as MM

We had 82 shooters that included 5 ladies, 24 seniors and 20 distinguished seniors.

Fred and Kenney Maillot are father and son shooters. For Kenney, this was his first competition, and he shot a Glock 19 iron sights. Fred shot his first IDPA match earlier this year and now shoots a XDS Springfield 9mm with carry optics. Kenney has some experience shooting but for Fred this is all new to him. He has had to overcome some initial trepidations but has been helped by Dave Gebauer. Kenney and Dave have gone together in outfitting Fred with an AR PCC that they have assembled for him. Fred is married and has two younger children. Fred is an independent heavy equipment operator based in Pioneer. Kenney works some with his father’s business but is a full-time safety officer for a tree company that does PG&E tree trimming and removal. These two are part of the ongoing expansion of the membership that Ryan Harrigan alluded to.

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