April 2024 SDPS IDPA and 3-gun match

Well, a rainy Thursday and Friday did not deter our Saturday 3-gun match and Sunday regular IDPA match. Many thanks to David Rice and David Hong for designing the 3-gun match and those who helped them do the set up. Also, David Rice deserves the trooper award for being Sunday’s match director and, of course, thanks to those who helped with the setup. Sunday’s match presented some challenges as the range conditions required some setup be done on Sunday which delayed the start of the match. But once we got started everything went well. Ryan Harrigan reminded everyone of the May Western regional match next month.


Congratulations to S Fonesca for taking the honors in the three-gun match.

Shaun Gardner was the overall winner in the Sunday match shooting PCC as a DM

  • CCP
    • Fred Mowrey placed first shooting as EX
    • Nick Harrigan placed first as SS
    • S Powers led as MM
  • CDP
    • Tony Torres placed first as MA
    • Steve Dobek first as EX
    • R Bosell first as SS
    • Clement Tang first as MM
  • CO
    • B Phares placed first as MA
    • Dennis Carvo first as EX
    • J Vu first as SS
    • P Amick first as MM
  • ESP
    • Arthur Benoit placed first as MA
    • J Spier first as EX
    • B Sare first as SS
    • M Mangrobang first as MM
  • PCC
    • Shaun Gardner placed first as DM
    • A Kelley first as EX
  • SSP
    • J Becker placed first as EX
    • M Johnson first as MA
    • T Tietz first as SS
    • J Tamagni first as MM

We had a total of 93 shooters: 5 Ladies; 28 seniors; 21 distinguished seniors.

Rod Billings is a returning IDPA shooter who has been out the last few years because of his busy schedule as a trauma ICU nurse. Both the covid pandemic and full units due to other causes have contributed to his being unable to attend. As a ten-year IDPA shooter, Rod did not seem to miss a beat at this weekend match. Rod has a 35 year career in health care as a paramedic and a trauma nurse. He is married with children.  Rod, welcome back.

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