April 2023 SDPS Match

If only the match had been on Saturday during setup, as the weather was sunny and warm. Instead we got an overcast and cool, some would say chilly, day. Regardless, the match was great with Ryan Harrigan, the match director, and his protege, Eric LIntz doing a fine job designing stages. As always, many thanks to those who setup stages. Fred Mowrey reminded us all that the May match is the Western and for those who haven’t yet signed up to get busy because slots are disappearing fast.

Match Results

The overall match winner was A Kelley shooting PCC as MM


J Saso won the division shooting as MM


Tony Torres placed first shooting as EX
Nick Harrigan placed first shooting as SS
D Freeman placed first as MM


Fred Mowrey placed first shooting as MA
Dave Rice placed first as EX
R Boswell placed first as SS
W Topacio placed first as MM


J Treon placed first as EX
T Taylor placed first as SS
B Phares placed first as MM


Joe Truesdale placed first as MA
P Baker placed first as EX
Ryan Harrigan placed first as SS
C Cheng placed first as MM


S Fonesca placed first as EX
A Kelley placed first as MM


Richard Slabaugh placed first as SS


Kevin Ballment placed first as MA
Arthur Benoit placed first as EX
Brian Jeschke placed first as SS
S Willianson placed first as MM

Congratulations to B Sare as our top shooter amongst distinguished seniors and as a lady shooter.  We have one of our lady shooters as our featured member today, Melissa Wolfram. Melissa and her husband, Brian, are regular shooters in IDPA, USPSA and steel competitions. Melissa started out shooting rifles and picked up pistols 10 years ago. She shoots a mean Sig ESP. Melissa works as a project manager for a healthcare company. On Sunday, she performed one of the best mag reloads transiting from one firing position to another that I have seen.

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