SDPS 2022 December Newsletter Member Appreciation Match

Boy did we luck out as the weather was relatively clear and the rain gods held off.  Many thanks to Nick Harrigan for being match director and designing a fun and fast paced match that let everyone finish by 1PM and get to the delicious grub grilled to perfection by Marty Johnson and Nick Tamagni.

Congratulations to our new board member, Carlene Ellis. Many thanks to all those hardy spirits who gathered on Saturday afternoon to assemble the stages during the downpour. As we huddled under a stage awning while it poured, Phil Zidek told us to gather our rain-soaked bodies and finish the job.

On a personal note, I just want to thank Ryan Harrigan, Fred Mowry and David Hong for always being there to help pull off these events.

Match Results

The overall leader this month was T McClintock shooting PCC


David Hong won the division shooting SS.


Nick Harrigan won the division shooting SS
James Bogner placed first shooting MM


J Spier won the division shooting MA
R Boswell placed first shooting SS
W Topacio placed first shooting MM


D Carvo won the division shooting EX
D McElninney placed first shooting MM


T Lee won the division shooting SS
D Cheng placed first shooting MM


T McClintock 1st Sharpshooter and Division Champion


A Benoit won the division shooting EX
Fred Mowry placed first amongst the MA
N Pearson placed first amongst the SS
S Williamson placed first amongst the MM

Our featured member this month is David Gebauer, When Dave isn’t shooting his “man’s gun”, i.e., 40 cal., he shoots one of his two CZ 9 mm. Dave is a gregarious, bon vivant squad member who keeps everyone entertained with his banter. Dave had a long career in the retail auto sales business as general manager. When he retired from that he ran his own health club. Dave is a long-time resident of Jackson and avid backpacker who enjoys his treks in the snowy mountains. In his retirement, if he really ever took one, he does photojournalism for the local newspaper. Dave is married with one daughter and two others that he has helped raise.

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