Safety Officer Certification Class

The next Safety Officer Certification class is scheduled for September 16, 2018, at Sacramento Valley Shooting Center. This class will be limited to the first 12 qualified candidates meeting the below IDPA minimum qualifications:

  • Be at least 21 years of age and be able to lawfully possess a firearm under the laws of your country of residence.
  • Be a current IDPA member in good standing for at least six months, and never have had their membership revoked.
  • Have shot at least six IDPA matches, at the club or sanctioned level.
  • Possess a basic knowledge of the IDPA rulebook.
  • Be sponsored by an IDPA-affiliated club representative that can confirm the applicant’s ability to safely handle a firearm and who is  willing and able to provide designated mentor SOs committed to training the graduate SO.
  • Discretion on the part of the IDPA SOI in approving SO Class applicants is permitted to meet the needs of new IDPA start-up clubs and  other special situations.

If you meet these qualifications please complete the attached application and email, in PDF format, to [email protected]. Once I’ve contacted you with your application approval I will provide payment instructions along with a link for the online Safety Officer Exam. The cost of the class will be $50.00 (includes range fee for the day of the class).

Looking forward to another great class!

Marty Johnson

IDPA Safety Officer Instructor


IDPA Safety Officer Application PDF


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