Range Beautification Day

Hello SDPS!

On Saturday March 30th Range 2 will be closed for a range cleanup day.

We are looking for volunteers to assist. Lunch and drinks will be provided so please let me know who will available to assist.

Since its in March, we might try to do some Round Up spraying instead of all weed whacking, depending on weather and weed growth.

Another project will be pulling the cat 5 cables to Bays 1-3 to finish the upgrade on the wireless scoring system

We will also take inventory of the target stands we have I think it’s time to replace a bunch of them as they are starting to get low. The target stands belong to the range as they paid for the last batch we made. Last time we made about 200.

Again please let me know if you are available to assist in the range cleanup day.

This is a three club event so the more help the better.

Ryan Harrigan

SDPS Vice President

[email protected]

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