May 3-Gun Match Registration Open

SDPS will be hosting a 3-Gun match on Saturday, May 14th at Range 2 of the Sac Valley Shooting Center. There will be 5 stages provided with both Centerfire and Rimfire divisions offered, the longest shot is 50yds.
In order to participate you must have prior match experience in 3 Gun competition or be classified as a Marksman or higher in IDPA. We will be using “El Dorado Rules” which allows three 10 round mags each for the rifle and pistol plus 6 spare shells for the shotgun. (If you need a copy of the rules send me an email…) 

Stage Designers:

#1 – Sean Young

#2 – Alec Libante

#3 – Jong Choi

#4 – Dave Hong

#5 – Stan Holzen 

Steel core or bi-metal jacketed rifle ammo is allowed for this match since there will be no steel rifle targets. 
Match Fees – $20 for SDPS members, $30 for non-members, $5 for stage designers

El General will come out to feed us if we can get enough shooters…
You can register for the match here:

Duane Chinnow
Match Director

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