IDPA Orientation Class June 4th, 2022

Sacramento Defensive Pistol Shooters will be hosting the IDPA Orientation class June 4th 8:30am-1pm.   If you would like to shoot an IDPA match, this class will satisfy the prerequisite.
The course curriculum will cover:
  • Sacramento Valley Shooting Center Range #2 rules/cold range
  • Safe gun handling/the 4 rules
  • IDPA shooter actions and responsibilities/Safety officer commands and duties
  • Classification and divisions
  • Basic rules and scoring
  • Equipment rules
You will demonstrate the ability to:
  • Load and safely holster your firearm
  • Draw your firearm from holster and engage targets
  • Reload safely, and re-engage targets.
  • Move from multiple positions while pointing your loaded firearm in a safe direction.
  • Unload your firearm and reholster following Safety Officer’s directions.
This is not a beginner firearms class.  Participants need to be able to safely load, unload, fire their firearms and clear malfunctions. Participants will need to bring an appropriate holster, magazine pouch, a minimum of 3 magazines, 100 rounds of ammunition, a serviceable firearm, eye and ear protection.  Class size is limited to 15.  E-mail [email protected] to sign up.  Cost of the class is $70,Please bring the exact cash amount to the class.  You can contact me (Dave Hong) by email [email protected] or (916) 602 9026 cel. call or text  if you have any questions. Please provide your name, email address and phone # when you sign up for class.
See you at the range

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