Results for the match

Just a reminder that the January SDPS Classifier will be held on the second Sunday of January this next year. The match date is January 8th

Short Description – SDPS Annual 72 Round Classifier Match

Match – 2023 SDPS January Classifier Match – 1/8/23 8:00 am PST to 12/8/22 3:00 pm PST

Club – SDPS

Match Affiliation – IDPA

Match Tier – Tier 1

Location – Sac Valley Shooting Center – 15501 Meiss Road, Sloughhouse CA 95683 – Range 2

Match Fee – $32.00

– Registration times –

Open Group – 12/8/22 3:52 pm – 1/8/23 8:00 am

Online registration available – Online payment only – Online squadding available

Stage Count – 3 – Round Count – 72 (approximate)

Daily Schedule –

Match Disclaimer –

Must have prior IDPA/USPSA competition experience or have attended an approved training class in order to compete.

Match fees are $22 for members, $32 for non-members.

* If you no-show on the day of the Match you will receive an email warning that if it happens again you will lose you’r priority registration. On the second occurrence within a rolling 6 month period triggers the loss of priority registration (until the first occurrence falls off the rolling 6 month period).

Withdraw / Refund Policy:
There will be a $5.00 restocking fee for all withdraws. No Refunds issued after the Friday before the match.

Results for the match

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