October 2023 SDPS IDPA Match

What a gorgeous weekend for a match. Many thanks to Ryan Harrigan for stepping in to be the match director. Also, thanks to David Hong, Phil Zidek and Fred Mowrey for designing the stages and for everyone who helped with setup on Saturday. We had challenges with this one but got through stage 2 even though we couldn’t use full automatic to get all three movers. I am especially encouraged that we have so many new faces showing up. The sport thrives.

Match Results:
We had 87 signups with 77 completing the match. We had 8 ladies, 28 Seniors and 17 Distinguished Seniors.

Overall winner was Shaun Gardner shooting PCC as DM

  • BUG
    • Fred Mowrey placed first shooting as EX
  • CCP
    • Tony Torres placed first as EX
    • Phil Zidek won as SS
    • J Ambrose won as MM
  • CDP
    • Art Benoit placed first as EX
    • Steve Dobek won as SS
  • CO
    • B Phares placed first as EX
    • R Guzman won as SS
    • P Amick won as MM
  • ESP
    • P Baker placed first as EX
    • B Wunder won as SS
    • D Cheng won as MM
  • PCC
    • Shaun Gardner placed first as DM
    • S Fonseca won as EX
    • T McClintock won as SS
  • SSP
    • T Olson place first as SS
    • N Pearson won as EX
    • L Wilson won as MM

Our top Lady shooter was S Lim shooting PCC. The top Senior shooter was Shaun Gardner shooting PCC. Our top Distinguished Senior shooter was Tony Garcia shooting CO.

Al Angulo has been shooting IDPA since the pandemic but is no novice to the shooting sports as he has been a lifetime shooter and participant in indoor shooting. This Sunday he shot his Glock but his go to pistols are a Les Bauer and Wilson Combat 1911 45 ACP. I am very envious. Al also is an avid road racer and has a youtube videos under Al Angulo A+ Racing. Check out his videos. Al is married with children and grandchildren. He lives in Grass Valley and teaches shop at two local high schools.

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