July 2023

So old king Sol delivered a hot one this Sunday. Thanks to Phil Zidek for designing the stages and being our match director. Phil had a crew of twelve to do the set up on Saturday and they were very motivated to get everything up before noon to beat the heat. Our thanks to Phil and crew.  We beat the worst of the heat and got done by 1:30 or so. David Hong is our match director for August, and he says he doesn’t mind the heat. Let’s hope for more moderate temperatures for that one.

Shawn Gardner placed overall shooting CO as MA

David Hong placed first as SS

J Ambrose placed first overall shooting MM
R Matthew was first as SS

Art Benoit placed first overall as EX
Fred Mowrey was first among MA
Steve Dobek was first among SS

Shaun Gardner placed first overall as CO
M Avala placed first among EX
T McClintock placed first among SS

David Rice placed first overall as SS
Jim Norris placed first among MM

S fonesca placed frost overall as EX
Ryce Mowrey placed first among SS

Clement Tang placed first overall as SS

N Pearson placed first overall as EX
Nick Harrigan placed first among SS
M Wilhelm placed first among MM

Kevin Archer is a new IDPA shooter who really shone this Sunday. Maybe it is because he is a 16-year veteran of the CHP who packs a 40 caliber Smith and Wesson when on duty, He also has, as rumor goes, won the Top Cop shoot in Amador County. Finally, he is a department range officer and armorer. So, when he showed up with the same model pistol as his service piece, he was ready to go. This match was part of his tune up for the next Top Cop shoot. Kevin is married with a young child. We were pleased to have him shooting with us this Sunday and glad to have him serve us in the CHP.

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