SDPS Membership Information

Membership Information

By joining the Sacramento Defensive Pistol Shooters club members will receive the following benefits:

  • Reduced Match Fees (if you shoot more than 3 matches in a year you’ll save money!)
  • Priority Match Registration (When a match is announced, SDPS members get two week priority before registration opens to non-members!)
  • Participation in the after match prize table (winners are determined by random drawing)
  • Participation in the annual membership meeting with an even larger prize table (worth thousands of dollars!)

Membership Dues

Memberships are for 12 months from the time of registration and payment received.
When renewing your membership annual dues are required no later than 30 days past the last day of your membership expiration month.

There are 2 types of memberships: Individual and Family. An Individual Membership is for one person. A Family Membership is for all members of a family residing at the same address.


Shooter Ready?

You can join SDPS (or renew your membership) from our PractiScore page, just select the “Store” button from the main dashboard:

SDPS Club Dashboard