IDPA Defensive Multigun


IDPA recognizes the use of long guns as well as handguns as defensive tools. IDPA Defensive Multi-Gun (DMG) is designed to give clubs and competitors the option of enjoying the use of these tools in a competitive environment. IDPA DMG should be thought of as an occasional accompaniment to regular IDPA matches and not a replacement of those matches. IDPA DMG is a shooting sport that uses practical equipment to solve simulated “real world” self-defense scenarios.

IDPA DMG shooting events require use of practical handguns, rifles, shotguns, ammunition carriers and holsters that are truly suitable for self defense. IDPA DMG Shooting events require the use of Rifles and Shotguns that are typical of what is used for home defense and vehicle carry. No “competition only” equipment is permitted in IDPA 3 Gun matches since the main goal is to test the skill and ability of the individual, not equipment or gamesmanship.


  • I. Promote safe and proficient use of guns and equipment suitable for self-defense.
  • II. Provide a level playing field for all competitors to test the skill and ability of each individual, not equipment or gamesmanship.
  • III. Provide separate divisions for equipment and classifications for shooters, such that guns with similar characteristics are grouped together and people with similar skills compete against each other.
  • IV. Provide shooters with practical and realistic courses of fire that simulate potentially life-threatening encounters, or that tests skills required to survive life-threatening encounters.
  • V. Offer a practical shooting sport responsive to the shooters and sponsors, with stability of equipment rules.
  • VI. Offer a practical shooting sport that allows competitors to concentrate on developing skills and fellowship with like-minded shooters.


SDPS holds four Defensive Multi-Gun events per year in February, May, August and November. In order to participate you must be classified in IDPA as a Marksman or higher or have prior experience in other multi-gun events (USPSA 3-Gun for example).