The SDPS Assistant Safety Officer (ASO) Course is a hand and eyes on training to allow designated ASOs to make sure that a stage/course of fire is done in a smooth and efficient manner.

Please note that this course is NOT the IDPA Safety Officer Course which produces Primary Safety Officers (PSOs). PSOs are the folks who run the shot timers and are responsible for preparing the shooter through the course of fire in accordance with IDPA Rules while monitoring the shoot’s progress through the course of fire, and noting any infractions of IDPA Rules.

The ASO, which can be referred to as the Scorekeeper Safety Officer (SSO), is not just a second set of eyes for the PSOs, but are responsible for organizing and managing the shooting squad to maintain the smooth flow of the match, such as calling the shoot order or handling administrative issues behind the firing line. ASOs are also trained on the use of the Practiscore Tablet, which is SDPS’s authoritative score keeping system.

Who should attend

The SDPS ASO course is open to any SDPS/IDPA member who has shot at least 6 SDPS IDPA matches.

IDPA Safety Officers are encouraged to attend, but it is optional.

Experience Required

Prior to taking this class you should have read the IDPA Rule Book cover to cover and have acted as a ASO for your squad under the direct supervision of the SO in one of your match squads to get a feel for using the Practiscore Tablet. Please watch the ASOs on your squads to get a feel of what/how a ASO should conduct themselves. Familiarization with Practiscore is recommended.

Equipment Required

An IDPA legal gun, belt holster, magazines (or speedloaders/moonclips), cover garment, hearing protection, eye protection, and 50 rounds of ammunition.


$30 per shooter (exact cash, no cashier)


Approx 8 hours