Match Registration Policies

Match Registration:

Per the SDPS President’s Email on May 2, 2016, Match Registration will now be done in three phases:

Week 1Registration will be available only to Match Staff, First Time Shooters (limited to 8) and Club Officers.  Match staff includes the Match Director, Stage Designers, Designated Safety Officers (two per squad) and Designated Assistant Safety Officers (two per squad). Note that you do not have to be an IDPA certified SO to work the match as a designated SO/ASO.
Week 2 Registration will be available to SDPS members only.
Week 3 & 4 – Open registration.

Match Refund and No-Show Policy:

Refund Policy: If the event sells out there will be no refunds for last minute cancellations, no-shows or for failure to check in prior to 8:30am. If the event does not sell out refunds will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Match No Shows: Please make every effort to withdraw from a match when you are unable to attend as soon as possible. SDPS is one of the largest IDPA clubs in Northern California and we fill quick. In a effort to be fair so that all members may have a a opportunity to shoot, the following penalties will be assessed if you are a “no-show”:

First Offense: Member receives a warning
Second Offense: Loss of Member Priority Registration

Safety Officer and Assistant Safety Officer Policy

It is the policy of the SDPS to have each squad with at the minimum two (2) Safety Officers and one (1) Assistant Safety Officer.

The purpose of priority registration for those who volunteer in a match as Safety Officers and Assistant Safety Officers (SO and ASO) is to compensate those who are willing to facilitate the safety and flow of squad management.

SOs and ASOs do not need to have certification when taking advantage of priority registration, but are expected to fulfill the duties of administrating the rules of IDPA as well as promoting safety in their squad.

If you utilize priority registration as a SO or ASO, please remember that you are expected to fulfill the duties for which you have volunteered for and are subject to the Squad Balancing Policy.

Squad Balancing Policy

It is the policy of the SDPS to have each squad with at the minimum two (2) Safety Officers and one (1) Assistant Safety Officer.

Please note, that in the event of a squad imbalance (Not enough safety officials or too many people, etc) Match Registration Officials may move you to balance the squad out to improve the efficiency and flow of the match.

Inclement Weather (Rainy Day) Policy:

It is the policy of SDPS to conduct matches in safe conditions. We value the safety of our members, and in the event of inclement weather or unsafe range conditions (range is too saturated with water), SDPS will reschedule the match to our alternate day, which is typically the Second Sunday of the month (based on Range 2 availability through FSC). If this day is not available or conditions do not permit the safe execution of the match on the alternate day, refunds will be issued.