Match Director Policies and Responsibilities

As one of the largest IDPA clubs in the world, Sacramento Defensive Pistol Shooters proudly holds club matches that typically draw over 100 competitors each month. IDPA is a volunteer sport, and it goes without saying that our matches simply would not happen without Match Director’s, Stage Designers, and Scorekeepers. If you have never done so, take the opportunity to step up and volunteer as a Match Director for an upcoming match. You won’t even have to design a stage if you don’t want to, because you will recruit Stage Designers. Match Directors and Stage Designers get special consideration when it comes to match fees for the matches they work, as well at our annual Pizza-and-Prizes match. If you are hesitant to volunteer as a match Director or Stage Designer because you feel that you don’t have enough experience or you are new to IDPA, that’s OK. There are a number of club members who are willing to spend time, and help you though the process.

Match Director Guidelines PDF

Match Director Responsibilities PDF