May 3-Gun Match Registration Open

SDPS will be hosting a 3-Gun match on Saturday, May 14th at Range 2 of the Sac Valley Shooting Center. There will be 5 stages provided with both Centerfire and Rimfire divisions offered, the longest shot is 50yds.
In order to participate you must have prior match experience in 3 Gun competition or be classified as a Marksman or higher in IDPA. We will be using “El Dorado Rules” which allows three 10 round mags each for the rifle and pistol plus 6 spare shells for the shotgun. (If you need a copy of the rules send me an email…) 

Stage Designers:

#1 – Sean Young

#2 – Alec Libante

#3 – Jong Choi

#4 – Dave Hong

#5 – Stan Holzen 

Steel core or bi-metal jacketed rifle ammo is allowed for this match since there will be no steel rifle targets. 
Match Fees – $20 for SDPS members, $30 for non-members, $5 for stage designers

El General will come out to feed us if we can get enough shooters…
You can register for the match here:

Duane Chinnow
Match Director

March IDPA Match SOLD OUT, Waitlist

From SDPS President, the March IDPA Match is sold out and the waitlist has been started.

Please note that if you are unable to attend, please contact Duane Chinnow as soon as possible for a full refund. Vacating your spot will allow a shooter to get off the waitlist. If you fail to notify and are a no-show, you will not get a refund and you will get a warning. The next occurrence of a no-show with no warning will not just be a no refund, but you will lose your priority match registration!