RESCHEDULED: SDPS January Classifier Match Jan 15, 2017

From the SDPS President:

Due to the forecasted “atmospheric river” predicted for this weekend we are rescheduling this Sunday’s IDPA classifier match to the following Sunday, 1/15.

If you can make the new date you don’t need to do anything, your current registration will still be valid.

Otherwise, match refunds will be issued to those that have conflicts with the new date. If you would like a refund please go to your PractiScore personal link for this event and withdraw.

The forecast is also predicting rain for 1/15, if we get rained out for that Sunday we will push the classifier match to February.

March Match has been RESCHEDULED 3/13

From the SDPS President:

Due to forecasted heavy rain tonight along with showers and rain tomorrow we don’t expect the bays to be in safe condition for our match therefore it is being re-scheduled to next Sunday, 3/13. If you are currently registered and can make it next Sunday you don’t need to do anything. If you are currently registered and can’t make it next Sunday please send me a withdrawal notice and I will issue you a refund.

March IDPA Match SOLD OUT, Waitlist

From SDPS President, the March IDPA Match is sold out and the waitlist has been started.

Please note that if you are unable to attend, please contact Duane Chinnow as soon as possible for a full refund. Vacating your spot will allow a shooter to get off the waitlist. If you fail to notify and are a no-show, you will not get a refund and you will get a warning. The next occurrence of a no-show with no warning will not just be a no refund, but you will lose your priority match registration!