SDPS Membership Appreciation Match is a GO!

The Membership Appreciation Match scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday December 1st is a GO. The Match will be rain or shine. This announcement was emailed to the SDPS membership earlier in the week. Unfortunately, we’ve had some issues with our email list (which we are currently rectifying) and members have been reporting that they are not receiving club emails and/or they are going into respective SPAM folders. Here’s a copy of the communication from earlier this week:

Happy Thanksgiving to all SDPS members and your families! 

This Sunday, December 1st marks the occasion of our 2019 Membership Appreciation Match (MAM). In addition, the match will also serve as our annual SDPS member meeting. Any SDPS member or non-member can shoot the match. The Member Meeting is for active SDPS members, and the BBQ following the match, and the MAM prize table will be open to eligible SDPS members only.*

Sunday’s match is rain-or-shine!

As has been customary, the stages will consist of several “burners” that will be conducive to shooting them quickly, even in poor weather, should that be an issue. We plan on finishing the match early. Once we tear down, we’ll all be heading to gather under the cover at Cowboy Town (Range 8) by 1:00 PM for the following events:

  1. Members Meeting – The Members meeting is open to all current members. We will discuss state of the clubmember business (if any), and BoD elections (as required).
  2. MAM BBQ – The MAM BBQ is open to all eligible members*. A limited amount of additional BBQ lunches should be available for non-eligible members/guests for $20, on a first-come-first-served basis.
  3. MAM Prize Table – The MAM Prize Table is open to eligible members* and will conclude the MAM event. Every member who is eligible will get a ticket for this random drawing. Directors/Officers, CSO’s, SO’s, Match Directors, and Stage Managers will receive additional tickets for the drawing. Each participant can only “win” once, resulting in a single item drawn from the table. Must be present to win.

*MAM Eligibility

The criteria for eligibility for the MAM BBQ and prize table events are as follows:

  • Is a current SDPS member, in good standing
  • Has competed in at least 6 matches during 2019 (including reloaded and The Western)

I’ll be sending an email out to the SDPS membership by Saturday with a summary “State of the Club” email. This way, we can spend more time eating BBQ, and less time talking this Sunday! We look forward to seeing you all at the match. Keep your fingers crossed, and if appropriate, bring your Gore-Tex… Again, the match will be rain-or-shine!


Sean Young
President | Sacramento Defensive Pistol Shooters, Inc.

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