Sac Valley Range 2 Clean Up Day April 29-30

The Sac Valley Range 2 (the Action Range) will be closed on April 29th and 30th for the annual range-wide clean up and repair.

Everyone who shoots on the action range is asked to come and help with the work. The more people who show up the faster it gets done and less work it is for everyone. All 4 of the shooting clubs are participating in this and will be paying for the improvements and repairs. Lunch and drinks will be provided to all both days.

The highlights of the projects are:

  • Weed whack, rack, and haul off all the vegetation on all berms and around the parking areas.
  • Install new flooring in the Score Shack and NCPS Shooter Services Building.
  • Clean up, inventory, and organization of the SDPS Conex.
  • Install a shade canopy along the conex that borders Bays 4 and 5.
  • Install a water line for water service on the range (we are renting a trencher to dig the trench).
  • Re-grade the area by the Score Shack and Bay 7 to eliminate the “Lakes” that are there when it rains.
  • Repair the run off drain line that removes water from the bays to the range pond.
  • Repair and re-paint all the fault lines and shooting boxes.

What you need to bring to make the jobs easier.

  • Weed whackers, either gas or electric, if electric please bring long extension cords, we will have generators
  • Steel rakes
  • 8 foot ladders
  • “C” clamps
  • Cordless drills
  • Sockets and wrenches
  • Digging shovels
  • Paint rollers and covers (4 to 6 inch are the best), paint brushes.
  • Any other tools or equipment you think we might need or will make the jobs easier.

Please email John Mercurio for SDPS members so that we can get a head count for food and drinks.

Thanks and see you at the range!

Dan Minter, NCPS
John Mercurio, SDPS
Carlos Katalbas, CAPSL
Chad Case, SVSS

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